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The Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) is the new job and career found on most any video or digital cinema production set. This person is responsible for doing two of the job functions (Film Loader and Processing Lab) done on traditional film-based productions.

I teach students how to do the asset management and then data wrangle when time permits. I found nothing published that would help someone who wants to learn this ever more complex skill sets, get started. And as a spoiler alert, owning a laptop, card reader and hard drive does not make one a data wrangler or DIT. They are, by the way, different jobs and skill sets.

So, I wrote THE book on how to get started, what software to use and how to use the software. “The Digital Imaging Technician: a practical guide to on-set asset management” is now available for purchase in iBook and PDF formats HERE.

I will post lots of tips, techniques, links to other DIT and asset management web sites and books, through posts HERE.

Basically, the DIT position is very technical, very deep in the technologies of image acquisition and management and very cutting edge. If you like to chase the Digital Dragon, this is the place and career for you.




Robert Trim

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