Fiddle’n With Light….

Fresh Home Brew

Freshly bottled home brew. Note3


Candle. Note3

There are two camps here. Those who tweak images with Photoshop (or other image tools), and the purists. ‘get it right in the camera, then leave it alone ‘. I set up my tent  in both camps and travel, as needed, between them. If it’s reality I want or need… it stays as-is.  If it’s  feeling or expression… grab the mouse and let’s get-a tweaking.

Ice and trees

Ice and Trees. Note3

Where you go with the image, how far astray from the original is anyones guess. It’s art. It’s the artists feeling, view, and message that drives the final creation. The final product does not have to say anything. It does not even need to make sense. If it’s pleasing to the eye, even for a moment, then mission accomplished. What defines art? 50+ years of working with photography and film making and I’m not sure I can define it yet. Other than to say that it makes me happy and doesn’t offend to many sensaiblities.

Rain a commin'

Rain a cimmin’. Nexus One.

These images were shot on a Samsung Note3 phone with the stock camera app. Processing was accomplished in the phone, using several image apps. Like SnapSpeed, Camera HDR Studio, and PhotoEditor.

Livingroom HDR

Livingroom HDR. Note 3. Processed in Camera HDR Studio

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